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How do I pair my device with my WOW speaker?

When you use your WOW speaker for the first time, to start up, hold the on/off button down for 5 seconds until the light flashes red and blue. Connect to KAKKOii on your device and start playing music.

How do I turn my WOW on?

Press and hold the on/off button for a few seconds until you have a blue flashing light. PLEASE NOTE: the blue light will indicate that it is ON and it will auto find the speaker if you have already paired to it once. However, your WOW speaker it will not “auto pair” unless you have paired to it with your device before.

How do I adjust the volume and play music?

Just press play on your device. Use your device to adjust the volume or change track.

Which devices are compatible with KAKKOii?

KAKKOii WOW speakers can be paired with most Bluetooth®-enabled devices including smart phones, ipads, ipods, PC’s & laptops.

Can I connect to my WOW speaker with a wire?

No. Your WOW speaker is a wireless speaker and it has not got an “AUX in” function. If you would like a wired WOW, we can recommend WOW MINI

What is the range of the Bluetooth®?

Bluetooth® range is 10 meters.

Please note that if it drops out, it may be a sign that the battery is low or you have interference with other Bluetooth devices.

How can I tell if my Bluetooth® device has synced to the speaker?

A Blue light will flash on the back of the speaker when your device has successfully synced.

Do I need to keep pairing my device every time I play music?

No. Once you have paired your device you will not need to keep pairing it.

Does WOW require batteries?

No. WOW has a built-in rechargeable battery.

How do I recharge the battery?

You can recharge your WOW by plugging the “micro USB plug” into the back of the speaker's micro USB socket and the “USB plug” into a USB power socket.

Can I continue to use my WOW speaker while it is charging?

Yes you can, but we do not recommend it as this might damage the battery.

How do I know if my WOW speaker is fully charged?

When your WOW speaker is fully charged the red light will go out.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last 4 -6 hours at maximum volume and 6 – 8 hours at medium or low volume.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Your WOW speaker will take up to 2 hours to charge fully.

What material is the speaker made from?

The speaker is made from Silicone which makes it very robust.

How big/ heavy is the WOW Speaker?

The WOW speaker weighs 0.5kg and measures 100mm by 100mm

Is the WOW speaker waterproof?

It's not waterproof, however it is splash proof, therefore it's great for the bathroom or beach.

Are you able to connect two wow speakers and use them in stereo?

Not currently, but hopefully soon!


What devices can I plug my WOW Mini in to?

Any device with a 3.5 audio jack including, PC’s, laptops, ipods, mobile phones etc.

How do I charge my WOW Mini?

Use the cable supplied to charge through a USB connection.

Is the WOW Mini wireless?

Not right now. WOW Mini must be plugged in to your device with the Audio cable provided, in order to hear sound!

How do I adjust the volume/change track on my WOW Mini?

Use your device to change the volume and music.

My WOW Mini is plugged in to my device but I can’t hear any sound. What is the problem?

  1. Check the volume on your device is turned up.
  2. Check that the WOW Mini battery is charged.
  3. Check that your WOW Mini is correctly plugged in to your device with the Audio cable.
  4. If there are further problems, please e-mail us at and a member of our KAKKOii team will be able to assist you further.

Where can I find the instruction manual for WOW MINI?

There is a folded booklet/ instruction manual inside the packaging behind the WOW MINI speaker.

In case you have thrown the packaging away, here are a few key instructions that you might need to know.

You can also find more about your WOW MINI on our “HOW TO USE” page.


Why won't my WOW won't play any music?

Firstly, please check your WOW Speaker is fully charged and on. Secondly, it must be paired with a Bluetooth® enabled device. Lastly, check that the volume is up on your device and music is playing.

My WOW speaker is paired with my device but there is still no sound.

Check the volume on your device is turned up.

On some devices, your KAKKOii WOW Speaker may need to be chosen as your playing sound device (please see your 'Sound Settings'' if this is the case)

If you continue to have problems, please email

My WOW speaker distorts above medium volume. Is it defective?

No – it depends what music is playing. A song with a heavy bass will distort the sound just with any other speaker.

The WOW speaker keeps cutting out – what is causing this?

Your WOW speaker battery needs charging.

The WOW speaker is not charging.

Please follow the “How do I recharge the battery” advice. If the red light does not come on when it’s charging or it fails to turn on when you press the on/off switch for a few seconds, please e-mail to report this to a member of the KAKKOii team who will be able to assist you further.


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Returns & Exchanges

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Only products purchased from the KAKKOii website will be considered for a refund or exchange. If purchased from an authorised seller you will have to contact them directly. The returned item must reach us, in its original packaging, in an unused condition. If returning an item, your delivery charges will not be refunded.

In the event of receiving a faulty product, please contact stating the fault and product you have purchased. If the problem cannot be resolved this way, we can offer an exchange or full refund including delivery charges if the product is found to be faulty. Before any refund or exchange can be given, we may require you to return the faulty product for inspection. We cannot take responsibility for any return products being lost or damaged therefore we recommend you use a registered delivery service.


All items purchased from KAKKOii are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase with a valid proof of purchase. If a manufacturing defect is found, please contact our customer services team at with proof of purchase.


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